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Goodbye 2014, I'm not going to miss you too much! Not everything was crap, but a lot was.
I decided to have rather modest New Year's resolutions this time, since I always seem to fail them.. I'm in ur post! Shakin mah fish! 

So, in 2015, my art resolutions are:

Bullet; Purple Draw more smaller images, not everything has to be super planned and polished. Just.draw.MORE.
Bullet; Purple Finish the script (or at least some of it) for my comic. I have already resigned myself that this project will move at a snail's pace, so getting at least something done is good. I guess I'm trying to think here that if there's not too much pressure, maybe I'll end up doing more than planned....?

aaaand then I have one final resolution that I have to get done anyway because my time is running out:

Bullet; Purple Finish my master's thesis.

That's it.

Do you guys have any resolutions for 2015? :0 
So I created Redbubble and Society6 accounts! Why both? Well, mostly because I don’t really know which one is better before I try them out, right? However, if they do equally badly/well, then I will keep them both. But for now I will just wait and see which one you guys seem to prefer. There are some differences in prices, products and shipping. The both sites will have the same works available though.

I will add some of my older works later, but if you have any requests about what to add, just let me know and I will make it available! 

I'm not really expecting to make tons of $$$ with these accounts, but some people have been asking for prints so why not give it a try?



Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm a graphic design student and I have big feet.

Art Tumblr
TV/Movie fangirl Tumblr

PRINTS and other merchandise:


Current Residence: Rovaniemi, Finland
Favourite genre of music: indie, alternative, post-rock, neoclassical, industrial, electronic
Operating System: Mac


Red Spider Lily by kajoi
Red Spider Lily
I took part in the NBC Hannibal fan artbook "Field Kabuki", and we were finally allowed to post our works!

The red spider lily, or higanbana as the Japanese call it, is probably familiar to those who are manga/anime fans (looking at Tokyo Ghoul), since it's often included to symbolize death and loss. These were the flowers that welcomed me some years back when I arrived in Japan for my exchange studies. They are one of my favourite flowers, and I thought using them in my work was rather fitting, especially since the theme of the artbook was Japan (as was the food theme of season 2). 

Also, they look a little bit like guts B)

I'm still very sad the show got cancelled, but not all hope is lost yet, resurrecting cancelled shows these days is not impossible, it just may take some time with Hannibal (there has also been some talks about a possible movie, if nothing else!)

on Tumblr:…

Brahmaea hearseyi by kajoi
Brahmaea hearseyi
I didn’t know what to paint, but something with insects is always a safe choice for me. The title is the name of the moth species I used for the work (though they don't look exactly like that, I tweaked the wing patterns a bit)

on Tumblr:…
Mushi by kajoi

”in this world every person and place has a right to exist. It’s true for you, too.

The entire world as a whole is your home.”

Mushishi is one of my favourite anime series, and it got a second season last year after 9 years of waiting, so here’s something to celebrate it a bit belatedly.

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The Moon Pendant by kajoi
The Moon Pendant
Wow, I haven't painted a fantasy picture like this in ages...mostly because at some point I decided that is not a direction I want to pursue anymore. However, somehow I got the chance to illustrate a fantasy book cover, and this is the result. (Well, an alternative version anyway, the original has a bit different colors, perhaps more natural too. I just wanted to have a different kind of feeling with this version.)

Oh, and in case it's not clear, the sceneries on the background are not what you'd actually see from the windows. 
Procrastination by kajoi
The title became an omen, because it took me such a long time to start working with this work ahah..

on tumblr:…

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