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So I created Redbubble and Society6 accounts! Why both? Well, mostly because I don’t really know which one is better before I try them out, right? However, if they do equally badly/well, then I will keep them both. But for now I will just wait and see which one you guys seem to prefer. There are some differences in prices, products and shipping. The both sites will have the same works available though.

I will add some of my older works later, but if you have any requests about what to add, just let me know and I will make it available! 

I'm not really expecting to make tons of $$$ with these accounts, but some people have been asking for prints so why not give it a try?

I've seen quite a few of these "DeviantART stories" lately, and that made me check the date of my joining as well...and holy shit it was June 9, 2004! I missed this fact because I changed accounts at some point (six years ago), when changing your username was not possible yet and I started hating my old one.

For old times sake, I will share the link to my old account, so you can go check out my embarrassing old works, if you wish. I still have most of my works there, though I have deleted the very first ones: :iconshomia: (just click on Gallery)

I don't remember how I found DA, but I think it's possible I found it via GaiaOnline, where I was super active back in the days.

So, my artistic life and DA from the beginning...

I got my first computer in late 2003 I think, and a tablet in 2004 (I was 15 years old). After that I drew A LOT, and progressed tons in just one year, after finding Corel Painter (before that I used Photoshop Elements and Open Canvas, also oekakis). I wanted to learn to paint pretty realistically, and one my greatest inspirations was enayla. Some of you might still remember her...buuuut at the same time I was also into anime, so I tended to use both styles side to side.

For some reason, I got pretty popular and my old account still has almost 100k more pageviews than this one...not that I care about that too much, but it's still a fact. I also got something like five Daily Deviations, how on earth I don't know...but I guess that is partly because the community was a lot smaller when I joined. I still remember there being something like 5-7 million works posted back then, now there are 291 million (!!!!) pieces of art! I also liked the community a lot better, it really felt like being a part of something bigger. But that was before all the other art sites and Tumblr and so on. I guess you just have to accept that things won't stay the same. The site itself of course works a lot better, does somebody still remember the dark days when works didn't have preview pictures in the message centre (only subscribers had them)....?

Looking back, I feel some regret...I still feel that years 2005 and 2008 were a golden time for me. When you look at my old works, you can see that they were really emotional, and I remember being really inspired by music all the time. Perhaps the anatomy + perspective etc were not correct, but I always included some kind of stories or emotions in my works. 
Just look at this one for example:…
There must be a lot of mistakes in the perspective, but it's still a pretty ambitious work. I haven't really tried anything similar ever since...

Well, things change. Nowadays I don't dream being able to paint realistically, I aim for more stylized works that have some kind of conceptual and symbolic ideas behind them. I have also pretty much given up on Painter and use only Photoshop these days, though Painter is still FUN to use, but I just can't get the results I want with it. I am grateful for Painter though, it taught me many things about mass and lights and shadows. I know I am supposed to say that programs won't teach you how to draw, but in my case, I don't think I would had improved so quickly without Painter.

Professionally, I'm still not very far, unfortunately. I started my graphic design studies in 2008, and I am supposed to finish by 2015 (usually bachelor+master is supposed to take 5 years, but I did a one year exchange in Japan. Also, writing the master's thesis is so slow for me ahah). I have no idea what I will do after that, I guess I'll try to get some graphic design related gigs and go from there. The problem is that I STILL don't know exactly what I want from my art and my art career. I guess illustration is the thing, though at the moment I lack self-confidence. I just don't think my works are something that would make me stand out. I still have to work on that and experiment with styles more while I'm still a student. 

Anyway, if there are any people who have been following me since the very beginning, give me a shout! I also want to thank everyone who has been following me through the years, and also new watchers! It would be very lonely here without you. Many people have left, but I have no reason to leave, so I guess I'm sticking around for another 10 years!



Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm a graphic design student and I have big feet.

Art Tumblr
TV/Movie fangirl Tumblr

Current Residence: Rovaniemi, Finland
Favourite genre of music: indie, alternative, post-rock, neoclassical, industrial, electronic
Operating System: Mac OS X and Vista


Shame by kajoi
Trying out traditional art again..

Gouache + colored pencils + markers + ink + some Photoshop.

on Tumblr (with a small closeup too):…
Insects and Geometry II by kajoi
Insects and Geometry II
Just playing around I guess..

Oh, I just wanted to remind you about my Redbubble and Society6 accounts. Prints, mugs, bags, shirts, stickers and whatever are available in both shops, the selection and prices vary a bit. Society6 actually has a free worldwide shipping promo at the moment, and you can even get 5 dollars off every item by clicking this link! (Until Dec 14th). Anyway, Redbubble also has some discounts available frequently, so you should keep an eye on the site if you wish.

on Tumblr:…
Spirit Night by kajoi
Spirit Night
Finally it's done! Took long enough..probably because I had no idea what I was going after with it, I had to see what it would evolve into. I guess this is not a bad thing, since painting can be an adventure, too.

on Tumblr:…
Shark Jaws by kajoi
Shark Jaws
I had to give up paint tool SAI when I changed from a PC to a Mac, so I wanted to paint one final work with SAI. Well, final until SAI gets a Mac version or when I change back to a PC, anyways.

On Tumblr:…
Sansa - Steps by kajoi
Sansa - Steps
A few steps for my Sansa fanart!

Maybe these steps are not terribly enlightening since there are not so many, but since I HAVE made them, why not share anyway?

on Tumblr:…

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