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December 31, 2011


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I hope the next year will be a good one! For those who had a bad year, I wish everything will get better...traditioanlly in Japan, each year is viewed completely separate, meaning that each year is a new chance! :D

Personally, I guess I am hoping for a better year...though I did get to experience some great things in 2011, like my first visit to Japan! I ended my year in Japan and started it there as well. It's the exactly same now too :D Last year I visited the Zozoji temple in Tokyo for New Year's countdown and then we visited the Meiji shrine. The amount of people there was something unbelievable, hehe. This year I just made a small trip to Shimonoseki with friends and at midnight, visited a couple of local temples+shrines in Yamaguchi (where I live at the moment).

Other notable things from last year: finished my Bachelor's thesis, got into a trillion new things (Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, Homestuck), joined Tumblr+Twitter, met some old and new friends, moved to Japan as an exacnge student...! I am still a bit stuck with my artwork I think, last year was one of my quietest years :( though I drew some things I liked, I don't think I improved much...I didn't really challenge myself or try new things. I doubt I will get any more works done here in Japan, but that's how it goes sometimes. But when compared to a (normal) person's whole lifetime, one year is really not that important! There is still time after this year...and the next...

So, welcome year 2012!
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Sounds like interesting places you've visited! :)
Here's to the new year! ^^
Innocent-raiN Jan 1, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Awesome~ :3
I really like this outlook on life and the new year.

I've been trying to think that way too! Compared to a lifetime, we have so much room to grow and experience! C:
kajoi Jan 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yay! So good luck for both of us for the new year :)
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